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Shout Archive
Yeah it went offline early, they posted a message on facebook apologizing that it wasn't the date that they gave and that it shut down early. :(
12/08/15 10:52 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I think maybe the domain name lease or whatever was up before the scheduled date.
12/08/15 10:17 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Maybe. :( I was going to post one last chapter of All This Time there...
12/08/15 08:38 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Did FFN go offline early?
12/08/15 06:45 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Sequin Trackmore
New chapter up for Speedway Spiral. Please let me know what you think of it, your comments are always welcome. I appreciate the feedback.
12/07/15 05:16 am [Delete] [Edit]

Started moving my story over from FFN. Hope to post another story soon as well
12/05/15 02:42 am [Delete] [Edit]

I am trying to figure out what stuff to post on here. Anyone have a story they want me to repost here>?
12/03/15 06:20 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Sequin Trackmore
It might take me a few tries to remember to keep my shouts ~195 so I don't get cut off LOL- I am hoping to start a new story soon, in addition to my Speedway Spiral, so keep an eye out!
12/03/15 04:11 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Sequin Trackmore
Oh,found the shout box! Using a different skin, it wasn't showing up before. Glad to be here from FFN. Finished moving Speedway Spiral last night. I'll keep adding to that, and starting someth
12/03/15 04:09 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.
12/01/15 01:34 am [Delete] [Edit]

11/27/15 05:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Gotta love technology!
11/27/15 11:52 am [Delete] [Edit]

Lost the whole next chapter to Battle Lines when my computer restarted itself. Ugh. :(
11/25/15 08:30 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Nora Matthews
Hi all! Some of you might remember me from FFN. Hate losing all the great reviews, but looking forward to reaching out to new readers and fellow authors!
11/25/15 07:52 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Formerly known author KAW is here now starting to transfer all my stories over from FFN. My new author name is jrkahnefan.
11/24/15 07:59 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Harley Grace, are you the admin? Always good to know who to contact if something goes wrong!
11/23/15 03:50 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Harley Grace
WOO HOO!! I'm seeing people in the Shout Box! Sorry about the spam shit - I'm in here cleaning it out now and installing new filter. I hate that FFN is closing shop - but we're still open!
11/23/15 11:27 am [Delete] [Edit]

Yep, I just deleted a spam review. Hate those things.
11/22/15 08:54 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Anyone else dealing with spam reviews?
11/22/15 08:35 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I just moved over both of my stories, Divided and Run, from FFN. I should have an update for Run tomorrow.
11/21/15 10:23 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Finally updated some stories on here. Hope everyone enjoys. During this off season, my goal is to throw myself back into my writing.
11/21/15 09:39 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Elizabeth Macey
I am moving all of my stories over from soon as I have that done I will update them.
11/21/15 07:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Beth, mine is uploading okay. I just pasted the text into the box though. I don't know if uploading them from files makes a difference or not.
11/20/15 03:53 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Anyone else having trouble uploading stories? The page is SUPER buggy and won't let me upload.
11/20/15 09:39 am [Delete] [Edit]

I need to start posting more stuff on here. It's been awhile.
11/19/15 10:35 am [Delete] [Edit]

As I start some new stories, I'm going to post them here. Just trying to get stuff saved that I had at FFN first.
11/18/15 03:52 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Posted my newest one, Battle Lines, featuring Joey Logano.
11/18/15 11:53 am [Delete] [Edit]

Incoming FFN users! Let's do this
11/14/15 07:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

anybody in here?
11/05/15 05:18 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I'm thinking about posting some of my stuff here! (:
08/29/13 05:04 pm [Delete] [Edit]