Elk Ridge by ToriLovesNASCAR Rated: Mild (up to 18) [Reviews - 1]


Elk Ridge houses several families with intertwined stories. Think of it as an ongoing soap opera. ;)  This has everything from romance, mysteries and plot twists that are worthy of a Daytime Emmy.  


Okay, seriously now. I love writing and haven't wrote anything for a really long time. This isn't NASCAR fanfiction but I used to write that and loved the community. Hope you all will read and like. 

Categories: Chaptered Stories, NON-NASCAR Stories
Characters: Original Female Character, Original Male Character
Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragedy
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
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The Girl King by kahne9brees9 Rated: Spicy (adult 18+) [Reviews - 0]


Sigrid, The Crown Princess of Scandinavia knows she will be King of Scandinavia.  However, her uncle has plenty to say about that...

As a girl, Sigrid shouldn't be inheriting any throne but as a child, her father King Magnus of Scandinavia started grooming her to take the throne.  King Magnus takes the extraordinary step to have her crowned in his lifetime in hopes that it will secure her place on the throne.  Her uncle has other ideas on who should rule Scandinavia.

Aurik, Prince of Swabia has been exiled from his country, living in the Kingdom of Lithuania as the guest of the King.  Exile is a frustrating experience for him but then he discovers a body on the beach and his life in exile is suddenly turned upside down...  


Categories: NON-NASCAR Stories
Characters: None
Genre: Drama, Tragedy
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 9825 Read Count: 19

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