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I was smuggled into the country after a large Jamaican woman swallowed me in a condom and pooped me out at JFK International Airport. I spent the next 18 years in Dublin, GA surrounded by Rednecks and carnies. It is here where I developed my affinity for REO Speedwagon, acid washed jeans, Charlie Girl cologne and mullet haircuts . It is also here where I mastered the art of the hangover and cultivated an impressive 1.2 GPA upon high school graduation. I attended Georgia College & State University where I spent 4 years prospecting, courtin' the lads and wreaking general havoc amongst the student body and greater community as a whole. Upon graduation I was practicing shamanism and had several out of body experiences. One experience had my spiritual being go to the corner store and pick up milk. I moved to Macon, GA to embark on a career as an interpretive dancer. I would stand on the corner of 2nd and Cherry St. and do interpretive dance of the day's big news stories. For example: a suicide bombing in Israel would consist of me making grand gestures with my hands while eating a pita sandwich. It was very experimental and, quite frankly, ahead of it's time. Now I am working the fryolater at Burger King and selling my body for Colt 45.

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Keeping It All Together by TheWriteStuff Rated: Spicy (adult 18+) Liked [Reviews - 10]


Logan Brock is Tony Stewart's personal assistant. When Tony's life changes, it changes her's as well. Suddenly, she is on a roller coaster ride of love, hate, anger, and frustration. But, when the affections of another driver cause as much trumoil as they do tranquility, will she stand by Tony, or will she decide to live life for herself for once? It is up to Logan to keep it all together when everything she's ever known falls apart.

Categories: Chaptered Stories
Characters: DeLana Harvick, Elliott Sadler, Krissie Newman, Original Female Character, Tony Stewart
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 3104 Read Count: 72

[Report This] Published: May 17, 2013 Updated: May 17, 2013