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Trevor Bayne and Joey Logano are my two favorite drivers. I'm a NASCAR fan first and their fan second. I'm deep, not shallow in my reasons to be a fan. I'm looking for a job so I may not be able to write quite as much.  I'm generally honest. I have my quirks like anyone and I'm different. I started a blog a while back, so maybe if you go there, you'll understand me better. I try to learn from what I did. My family problem have wound down, at least for a while. OFR I'm nascarfangurl62122 on Beyond the Track and have a Wattpad linked with my Twitter, so I use my Twitter name there. I also read Ladybugprincess8848's blog. If this is familiar, you saw it on ffn. I have some fics with ffn length limits, but too short for here. In light of this,  I probably won't post my fics on this site, except anything co-written.


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